Why is it pending 'Loading' and nothing happening when I click on the extension?

You are most likely on one of the following pages if this happens:

  • New tab page

  • Chrome settings (or other tabs integrated in the browser)

  • Chrome web store

They do not allow the extension to start. However, you can go back to these pages after starting your recording.

Why are my camera and microphone not available?

To be able to use Vaam, you need to allow the camera, mic, and screen recording in your computer.

Chrome will ask for permissions the first time when you click on the extension. If you missed it you can copy & paste the link below into chrome and give permission.


macOS (Apple)

If you are using a mac, you have to do these settings as well.

Go to your System preferences > Security and privacy and allow Google Chrome for your camera, microphone, and screen recording.

Watch a quick guide here.

Why is nothing happening when I click on "Record a vaam"?

Do this in the following order if it does not work:

  1. Allow the extension to use your mic and camera.

  2. Refresh the page.

  3. Restart your Chrome browser

  4. Contact us.

Is it possible to view the vaams in other browsers than Chrome?

You can view vaams in any browser. For now, recording vaams is limited to Google Chrome.

Are my vaams saved?

Your vaams will be saved and you can always go back and send them again later. With Vaam Free you can access 30 vaams, the rest will be locked.

In what resolution are my vaams recorded?

Your vaams are recorded in HD (1080p), if your computer supports it.

What can I do to optimize the quality of my vaams?

Make sure to have a good and stable internet connection when you record your vaams. Also try to not run to many other programs when recording. Depending on your computer that might make it hard to get a good, smooth recording.

How long can one vaam be? Is there a limit?

A normal vaam can be up to 2 minutes. If you have Vaam Pro, you’ll be able to record vaams which are up to 15 minutes long.

What happens if the browser unexpectedly quits in the middle of a vaam?

Then you need to remember all the great stuff you were saying and say it again in a new vaam :)

Can I blur out sensitive information?

Not yet, but we’re looking into offering this feature to you in the future.

Can I cut out certain parts that may contain sensitive information or irrelevant information?

Not yet, but we’re looking into offering this feature to you in the future.

Who do I contact if I find a bug?

You can write a message to us and we’ll be very thankful for your feedback!

Who do I contact if vaam does not work?

If you can’t find your answers here, you can write a message to us by clicking on the chat button at the bottom of this screen or by emailing to support@vaam.io

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