Video is great for cutting through the noise! But once you've manager to get a slice of someone's attention you have to make sure to make use of it. Call-to-action buttons are a great way to do that! Add a button to your video that redirects the viewer to your website, your calendar, your signup form, or anywhere else that you can link. Here's how you do it

First, open your vaam and click the "+ Add Button" link in the bottom-right corner.

Fill out the form fields in the modal that opens.

CTA creation modal

Add the URL that you want to redirect the viewer to in the top input field. Add the label for the button in the bottom input field. Now, click "Add call-to-action".

That's it, your CTA button is ready! 🎉 It will show up in the bottom right corner of your video while it's playing, and in the CTA popup at the end.

CTA during play
CTA after video end
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