💰 Conversion tools are only available on our paid plans.

Video is great for cutting through the noise! But once you've managed to get a slice of someone's attention you have to make sure to make use of it. Buttons and widgets are a great way to do that! Vaam supports two types of general conversion tools:


Add a button to your video that redirects the viewer to your website, your calendar, your signup form, or anywhere else that you can link. Here's how you do it

  1. Click the "Conversion tool" button below the video.

  2. Next, click "Add button".

  3. If you want to reuse a saved button, click that list item. If no, click "New button".

  4. Fill out the form with a link and a label

  5. Check "Add to saved buttons" if you want to be able to reuse the same button in other vaams.

  6. Click "Done"

See the animation below for a graphical example.

That's it, your CTA button is ready! 🎉 It will show up at the bottom of your video while it's playing, and in the popup at the end.


If you use any of the services that we integrate with, you can add them as a widget to your vaam. That makes them easily accessible to your receivers. We'll use Calendly as an example for this short guide.

  1. Click the "Conversion tools" button below the video

  2. Click the "Add widget" button

  3. Select the type of widget you want to add

  4. Paste the link from the service you want to use

  5. Click "Add widget"

Your receiver will see the widget right along your video.

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