There are three major ways to share a vaam.

  1. Animated preview (best for email)

  2. Static thumbnail

  3. Link (best for chats and messages)

Read more about each method below.

Animated preview

Best used for: email

Animated previews (GIFs) are the most eye-catching way of sharing your vaam. It is a looping image of the first few seconds of your video, with a nice big play button in the center. When the receiver clicks the preview a new browser tab is opened with your vaam.

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Static thumbnail

If you're having trouble with the "share with GIF" method, you should take a shot at sharing with a static thumbnail instead.

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If you want to send your Vaam in a DM (direct message) at LinkedIn, Facebook similar platforms, you should use the link.

Most of the major platforms will parse the link and show an animated preview to the receiver.

Download and embed

Sometimes the situation calls for a more hands on way of sharing. With Vaam you can both download and embed your video. Read more below.


If you want to post a vaam on your profile or company fan page we recommend downloading your vaam. The algorithms on social media platforms don't like when we share something that takes the user away from their platform.

So when you share an official post, a movie will perform better than an external link.


Want to embed your vaam into your website? Learn more here.

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