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Share with animated preview (gif)
Share with animated preview (gif)

Using an animated preview is great way to capture the receivers attention.

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Using an animated preview is the most eye-catching and engaging way to share your vaam. The preview will loop the first few seconds of your video, with a nice big play button in the middle. When the receiver clicks the preview a new browser tab with your video will open.

Here's how you do it.

Share with animated preview

Follow the steps below to share your vaam with an animated preview (gif).

1. Click the "Share vaam" button on the share page

2. Select the correct template

  1. Select the "Vaam preview only" template (it's the default template)

  2. Check "Include text title" if you want to include a caption of the preview

  3. Click "Copy for email"

3. Paste the linked preview in your email editor.

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