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How the speed of your video impacts engagement

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It is clear that well-formulated, to-the-point videos drive the best engagement. That's why we recommend that you keep your videos short and concise. But we also know that it can sometimes be hard to present a complicated process or product in one or two minutes. That's why we use playback speed as a way to compress your message into an even more engaging format.

Default playback speed

Our data shows that playing videos at 1.2x is the sweet spot between making it fast enough, without sounding like a chipmunk. While it might be obvious to you or those who know you that you're talking faster than you usually do, other people won't notice.

Playing your video at 1.2x will help your message get across in a more engaging way. The reciever will watch more of your video, and remember more of what you said.

User playback speed

In our video player it is possible to select the playback speed that suits you best. Click the speed selector next to the timeline in the video player and pick your preferred speed.

Once you've made a choice, we'll save it and play all your vaams using that playback speed.

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