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Salesforce integration

How to integrate Vaam with Salesforce 💰

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💰 The Salesforce integration is only available on our business plan.

You can integrate Vaam with Salesforce to get video stats in your CRM. Once you've configured the integration we'll send data about opens, views and conversions to the customer card of the viewer.

You need a Vaam Business account to integrate with Salesforce.

Configuring the Salesforce integration

Open up your integration settings and click the button that says "Click here to connect your Salesforce Account". This will redirect you to Salesforce where you have to log in and select the account to connect (if you have multiple). Once you've completed all steps on Salesforce you will return back to Vaam and your integration is configured.

This is what your settings page will look like once the Salesforce integration is configured.

Using the integration

Once you have configured the integration, it will automatically send stats to your CRM when we can identify the viewer. This identification can be done in two ways:

  1. The viewer is logged in to Vaam. (If you're using Vaam to communicate with external customers, this is no a likely scenario.)

  2. You have appended viewer identification to your share link. See the section below for a guide.

When we push data to Salesforce, it will appear as events on leads.

Adding viewer identification to the share link

The easiest way to add tracking information to the share link is to use the share modal. Open it up and add your recipient's email address in the viewer tracking field (1). Once the green checkmark (2) shows up we've added the tracking information. Click the "Copy for email" button (3) to copy the linked preview, which now includes tracking information.

Technical details

The viewer information is added by appending a query parameter to the share link. For example, the share link with tracking information will look like this: When that link is opened, we'll pick up the email address from the URL and use it to parse and send information to Salesforce.

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