Using a promo code
Did you get a promo code? Here's what to do πŸš€
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Sometimes we use promo codes when working with selected partners and events. If you got a promo code to use Vaam for free for a while, here's how you use it.

As a brand new user

When you sign up for Vaam, we'll automatically start a two-week trial of our pro tier for you. When there are three days left on the trial, you'll get an email notifying you about it. If you follow the link in the email, you'll end up on the checkout page. Scroll down to see how to apply the promo code.

As an existing user

If you have an existing account on our free tier, head over to your subscription settings.

Select if you want to sign up for a monthly or a yearly subscription, then hit "Upgrade to Vaam Pro". You will be redirected to the checkout page. Continue reading to learn how to apply the promo code.

Apply the coupon on the checkout page

Once you get to the checkout page, here's what you will see.

Before completing checkout, use the indicated text input above to add your promo code. If the code is valid your cart will update to reflect your new price. See the example below.

Now just fill out the rest of the required information and hit subscribe πŸš€

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