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How to write an email that will make people watch your vaam
How to write an email that will make people watch your vaam
Inspiration to get you started with writing great emails.
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Alright, so you've made a great vaam that will surely convince the receiver to take the next step. But what good is a great vaam if nobody watches it? That's why it's so important that the emails you send both have great subject lines and a short but personal text content that will spark the receiver's curiosity to open the vaam.

The subject line

For the subject line, keep it clean and simple but don't be afraid to stand out.

Remember that the subject line only needs to get the user to open the mail: the text content will take it from there.

The text content

To help you get started with coming up with your own great email text templates, we created our own that we hope can inspire you.

Don't forget to replace each {{ ... }} with relevant content.

Hi {{ their name }}​,
I hope your {{ weekday }}​ is going well!

I just checked out your website and was impressed. I can understand that your customers like you when you solve {{ problem }} for them.

You're getting this email because I believe that {{ your company name }} can help {{ their company name }} with {{ the essential customer benefit you solve for your customers }}. We have previously helped similar companies like yours, and they got results of {{ a concrete, truthful and powerful number on how you helped them }}.

If these benefits have the slightest relevance for you, I hope you can spare 1 min for my video with a first quick example:

{{ your vaam preview goes here }}

{{ Your signature here }}

Don't forget to replace each {{ ... }} with relevant content.


To conclude, your vaam needs a proper introduction to really live up to it's potential. Luckily, not much text is needed and all the effort you put into perfecting your email templates will quickly pay off in the number of views you will receive on your vaams. Happy vaaming!

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