Macros are a powerful way to speed up the repetitive parts of sending personal videos. One of the things you can customize is the title of your vaam. You can create simple rules like a title that should always be "Short video follow-up video". But you can also create more complex rules with dynamic elements.

There are three dynamic tags you can use:

  1. {previous_title} will insert the previous title. This is useful if you've recorded on one of the platforms where we pick up a title from the context. E.g., LinkedIn, where Vaam will pick up the name of the person or company who's page you're recording from.

  2. {previous_title_first_word} will insert the first word of the previous title.

  3. {duration} will insert the duration of the video in the format "1:57".

Let's look at an example. You've recorded a video on a LinkedIn page, and Vaam has picked up the title "Josef Fallesen" from that context. You want the title to be "A short video for Josef (0:42)". Here's how you should configure the rule

Title: A short video for {previous_title_first_word} ({duration})

When you run the macro, Vaam will update your title, and the result will be just what you wanted. Now just copy and send. πŸš€

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